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About Us & Our Hot Tub Repair

Every customer that chooses The Pool Guy gets specialized pool and hot tub repair. So, from collapsed pool walls to torn liners, damaged pumps, and crushed concrete, we can handle all types of pool and hot tub repair in Ashland.

In addition, the Pool Guy offers pool liners, replacements and repair. So, if your pool liner has been torn, has holes or leaks, or is in need of a pool safety check, you can count on us to get the job done. Also, we can quote your hot tub repair job in Ashland quickly and easily.

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Competitively Priced and Reliable Hot Tub Repair In Ashland

We are family owned and operated by Todd McCullough. Todd and his daughter Brittany work closely together servicing families and their pools, as well as hot tub repair in Ashland, Mansfield, Wooster, and the surrounding areas. Also, our business is insured for your peace of mind and all of our services are guaranteed.
The Pool Guy team members pride ourselves on being the best service company in those areas. Our growth and success are due to professional dedication and a commitment to the quality of service we provide our customers. 
So, our hot tub repair services and excellent pool products are both competitively priced and reliable. Most importantly, we are constantly training and networking with other pool professionals and trade organizations to ensure you get the highest quality service that you expect.
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Our Services

  • In-Ground Liners
  • Above- Ground Liners
  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Opening & Closing


  • Covers
  • Products
  • Chemicals
  • Winterization
  • Repair
  • Safety Covers
  • Auto Covers
  • Automatic Cleaners
  • Gas Heaters
  • Heat Pumps
  • Custom Liners
  • Solar Covers
  • Chemical Feeders
  • Green to Clean
  • Testing & Maintenance

Service Areas

  • Ashland County
  • Crawford County
  • Marion County
  • Richland County
  • Wayne County
  • Huron County
  • Knox County
  • Morrow County

Our Commitments

Selfless: Attentiveness to customer requests, regardless of other priorities. We will demonstrate our abilities through our appearance, conduct, conversation, and results.

Ethical: Acting with integrity and a sense of duty and obligation to our customers and will always be accountable for our actions.

Respectful: Always treat our customers as we wish to be treated and ensure that every interaction is conducted in a pleasant and professional manner.

Versatile: We will be resourceful and capable of performing a variety of tasks in order to get the job done, regardless of our job description.

Innovative: Identifying new ways to continuously improve our processes to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Also, we will welcome customer feedback as a means to improve the services we provide.

Communication: Actively listening to our customers and respond in a clear and concise manner. We will communicate through available resources, providing accurate information in a manner that is easy to understand.

Encouraging: Support for employee creativity and teamwork to promote an open and collaborative work environment that encourages employees to excel in every aspect of their job – including customer service.

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